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That Shipping Company….

A few posts back I was talking about how some shipping company (I’ve been asked not to name names) charged me a few dollars when it should have been over $150 to ship a package to Ronen and Gadi. I was contacted by a “supervisor” and they were immediately apologetic and told me they would get it taken care of “right away!”

I was hopeful. I figured if they contacted me and I hadn’t contacted them that they would end up charging me the accurate amount. That’s all I wanted….I just wanted to get charged what I should have been charged.

The following day, I checked my bank account and they had CREDITED me an additional $150. So now I owe the shipping company $300! How is it that they just can’t take my money? I am so disappointed that they just won’t charge me (seriously). I’m half tempted to put $300 in an envelope, seal it, not put any notifying information of mine in or on the envelope and take it back to the shipping company and just leave it on the counter.

So…shipping company, please stop crediting me and please, please TAKE my money!


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