Add The Progesterone

I’ve been taking 12 estrogen pills now for a few weeks and so far there haven’t been any side effects. I generally do pretty well on the estrogen with the exception of a headache. This time my head feels just fine!

Today I got the task of an intramuscular progesterone injection. Once a day at 8pm. This is all fine and wonderful because generally I have someone around that will assist with the injection. When I go to Toronto I will be there alone and not have anyone to assist. I will then be forced to stand in front of the bathroom mirror looking at my backside to determine a 90 degree angle in hopes that I can get the injection right on the first poke. The needle is 1 1/2 inches in length so after I break the skin, I need to hold my breath and jab it through an inch and a half of muscle. Yep, it’s just a bit uncomfortable. Once injected, I need to retract the plunger just a bit to determine if there is any blood drawback. Anyone that’s been in a hotel knows that the bathroom counter is quite large which makes the distance from my backside to the mirror quite far. This distance makes it rather difficult to determine if there is any blood drawback! I’ve even resorted to standing on the bathroom counter so that I can be a bit “closer” to the mirror. Maybe it’s a good thing that I will be alone so that no one else can laugh at me trying to inject a needle at 90 degrees while standing on the bathroom counter whining because I don’t want to take the huge needle and jam it through my skin/muscle.

I am also taking aspirin this cycle so it makes my blood just a bit thin. So when I pull the needle out, the now thinner blood is running down the back of my leg. It’s crazy at what a little aspirin will do. I also bruise rather easily so after my first shot, I’ve got a massive bruise on my backside. It’s going to make for uncomfortable sitting and laying in bed but thankfully this isn’t for the entire pregnancy (if the implant is successful). Only 96 more injections to go!


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