The End Of The Road…

I’ve been asked over and over again how delivery was. I’ve been asked when I want to be a surrogate for another family. There are so many things I’m not quite ready to answer but for those of you that have followed this story for many MANY years I can tell you that Guy is absolutely perfect. That my delivery was slightly different than I remember labor to be but in the end a baby was born. He was born at 6:19 pm on March 5, 2014. He looked perfect just as Jayde did nearly 17 years ago.

I’ve not yet posted my final post because I’ve got a number of things to deal with on my own before I open them up for the entire world. For those of you that I don’t speak to regularly or that have seen endless images of Guy on my Facebook page here is a picture of him from today. Today he laughs and so do I…..


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