Another Year Goes By…..

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been working to give someone else a baby for over seven years now. A little over a year ago, Ronen and Gadi made the difficult decision to work with a different surrogate in hopes it would produce a baby. Days, weeks and months go by with all of the same results. No pregnancy! Is there something wrong with the new surrogate they had chosen? How can it be that I couldn’t get pregnant and carry to term for them and after three attempts the other woman couldn’t either?

We found our answer a little too late. They had 17 viable embryos at the beginning of the process. They were successfully frozen to be used at a later date. The thing we were unaware of was the mutation of the embryos. One would think that a doctor would be able to determine these things before years of trying to do IVF and years of synthetic hormones. I guess the FDA regulations don’t require additional testing for a mutation in such a tiny eight celled item.

As the last year has passed, I was searching for a new set of intended parents but never found anyone that was even close to what I had found in Ronen and Gadi. I just always thought we were meant to be and couldn’t believe I was no longer working with them.

After the other woman’s final implant, Ronen and Gadi faced the difficult decision of what to do next. Surrogacy India? Remain with the same doctor and get a different egg donor? Stay with the same surrogate and hope that based on her young age she will be able to carry a pregnancy to term? Look for a new surrogate? What would be the best option for the two of them.

The answer is easy really. I was the best answer. I propositioned Ronen. I sent him an email outlining all of my good qualities as well as all of the reasons they should use a different surrogate. I think my selling point was the relationship we had formed and the fact that I was excessively reliable and I wanted the baby for them nearly as much as they wanted the baby. They knew I wasn’t going to stop until they had a baby or until a doctor told me I was no longer a viable candidate.

In June, we signed the new contracts and I visited CT Fertility to meet with Dr. Doyle. He needed to map my uterus to ensure there was no damage from my ectopic pregnancy and to ensure I was the perfect candidate for Ronen and Gadi. He concluded that my uterus was made for carrying babies and that we could proceed.

We signed necessary contracts to indicate I was protected and to indicate no matter what the outcome, I would hand over the baby/babies in the end. Signing that second contract with Ronen and Gadi was one of the most important documents I’ve ever signed. I had a good feeling and knew it was by far the right thing to do.

Dr. Doyle has a very lengthy process with it comes to being a surrogate. My medicated cycle is longer than the egg donor’s medicated cycle. It’s crazy to be on fertility medications nearly a month prior to getting implanted. His success rates are awfully high so who am I to complain. I will continue with the shot in my stomach and the shot in my butt until I can no longer stab a needle in myself. This is the easy part.

Implant date was scheduled. I will spend a week in CT on call until the embryos are perfectly formed and ready for their new home. I am more than ready for this next journey.


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