Family, Surrogacy

For Life’s Greatest IF’s

I was having yet another of those sleepless nights weeks ago when the MetLife commercial came on. You know the one, with Snoopy indicating you should have insurance for “Life’s greatest IF’s.” Since it was 3am, I was able to put all thoughts of databases and why the files I receive are so messed up and why people can’t understand the concept of removing commas, to the statement “for all the IF’s in life” and I immediately thought of Ronen and Gadi.I didn’t think of them because Snoopy was wearing goggles and an aviator hat, nor did I think of them because they needed life insurance because I was pregnant. I though of them because We needed to “Ensure” the greatest commodity they had. MetLife doesn’t Ensure anything they Insure, but they really should.

They aren’t in the business to Ensure the IF’s in life they are only in business to Insure people and possessions. What if they were in business to Ensure the IFs? Could they Ensure? Would they Ensure?

Could they Ensure IFs (Intended Fathers) become actual fathers? Can I purchase an insurance policy for Ronen and Gadi’s hearts (along with mine) to Ensure the Insurance of their family? Does MetLife offer a policy such as that? BellaDaddy at figured out a way with a surrogate to turn their IF into reality years ago, but there are still so many IF’s in life trying to get past Snoopy and the MetLife policy that I wonder what the secret is.

So, here’s to you Ronen and Gadi; nearing fathers day yet another year, for being brought into my life and showing me what it means to be the greatest IF’s. I know someday you will find the right policy to ensure you need to purchase additional MetLife Insurance for your growing family.


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