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On The Ninth and Tenth Days of Christmas…..

The Ninth Day of Christmas…and Jayde is still sick. I feel that I’m also catching a cold! I hate being sick during the holidays, I guess I should rephrase that. I hate being sick in general. Jayde was in bed sleeping when I got home from work and rather than waking her, I just let her sleep so we didn’t exchange gifts on the Ninth Day.

On the Tenth Day of Christmas Jayde got two different gifts because the Ninth Day was skipped. Today Jayde got a Hello Kitty Eye Mask and Hello Kitty Post-It notes. Both items, she’s asked for previously. Who would have guessed something so simple would have her stating “best gift EVER” yet again today. I was able to snap a picture of her today but it wasn’t a great image. I think it’s rather funny that she decided to use the eye mask as a head band though. The Post-It notes will soon be plastered over everything with little notes for me or drawings.

I got two more seasons of Friends on DVD from Jayde. Again not my first choice but it makes her happy so that makes me happy.


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