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On The Seventh Day of Christmas….

Jayde is sick so she refused to let me take a picture of her for today’s post and since she is sick, I figured you didn’t need to see an image of me either.

On The Seventh Day of Christmas, my Honey Bunny gave to me…A green travel mug to take chunky orange juice to work. I feel this is a “sippy cup” but it’s labeled as a “travel mug.” The label on the cup states it’s “spill proof” because you need to push a button in order to drink from the cup. Jayde said to me she knew I had many different travel mugs, but this one will help with my coordination! So now, rather than spilling on my desk daily because I’m just a klutz, I need to remember to push a button while trying to drink and not obsess on whether or not I’m going to spill. I thought she put so much thought into this gift…really, who thinks ahead far enough to know that if it were just to be another common travel mug, I would spill and wouldn’t get any help with coordination. After she made the statement about my coordination, all I could say was “you’re so my kid!”

Today Jayde got a Hello Kitty hair dryer. Jayde will NEVER dry her hair so I knew this was going to be a gift that doesn’t get any use but she had told me that she wanted the largest collection of useless Hello Kitty items. Pretty useless in my opinion. She loved it and told me once again “the best gift EVER!” This will be very similar to the Hello Kitty toaster I got her a few years back, it will either sit on her desk or in her closet never to be used, but it made her so happy.


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