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On The Sixth Day of Christmas….

I know I’m a bit behind but this time of year seems to just fly by and I can’t keep up with everything that’s going on. On the Sixth Day of Christmas, my Honey Bunny gave to me…. a new frame for my desk at work. I’ve already added the image Jayde chose and it’s ready to be taken to work. Jayde convinced me that I needed to wear a hat, her hat specifically for pictures this year and I’ve gotten so many compliments on the image. I think I need to listen to Jayde’s advice more often. I tend to take clothes out of her closet after she’s convinced me that she needed something while we go shopping and it ends up staying in my closet from the first time I wear it. I suppose I could just buy one of everything I get for her, for me and all would be good. Or I could just stop wearing clothes a 14-year-old chooses and try choosing clothes more suited for someone my age…..Nah! I’ll just continue wearing her clothes!

Jayde received what I thought was going to be the perfect gift yet again but there was a bit of controversy surrounding her gift. I got her a box of Fruity Pebbles because EVERY time I go to the grocery store and ask her if there is anything she would like or anything she needs, she answers with “Fruity Pebbles….if they are on sale.” Anyone that buys sugar laden cereal knows it’s NEVER on sale. So I only get them for her a few times a year because who needs all that sugar anyway? Jayde was a bit disappointed when she opened the gift and indicated she would need to go through withdrawals again. I didn’t know that she feels she has an “addiction” to Fruity Pebbles. When we have them in the house, she will choose to eat them over eating dinner with me. I guess that should have been my indicator not to bring her “drug” into the house again. I know for next year not to buy them because who want’s to buy something that your kid feels is a drug and will need to go through the 12 steps? Sorry Honey Bunny!

The Sixth day of Christmas also brought one additional surprise. I was told that I get to start taking 12 estrogen pills a day so that my uterine lining can get prepped for my next implant. I’ve not yet received the actual implant date, I just know it will be in the next few weeks. As I downed 12 pills, I hoped, wished and prayed that my hormones would stay somewhat stable so that those around me this holiday season would still want my company next year.


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