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On The Fifth Day Of Christmas….

The Fifth day is a bit boring but I think DELICIOUS! Every year I know that on the fifth day I’m going to get Ferrer Rocher. Since Jen started shopping with Jayde it’s a container of 48 instead of the measly 12 I had gotten the years prior. I’m so glad that Jen has a Sams Club membership! The only problem with the package of 48 is that I tend to eat them far to fast. So as I sit here and write this, I feel nauseated because I’ve eaten 24 of the 48….in about 9 hours! I’m miserable but it’s was heavenly.

Jayde told me again “this was the best gift ever!” when she opened the bag of Hershey Kisses. I tend to give her a food item on the Fifth Day of Christmas because I know that she is going to be giving me candy. It works well and it makes her happy. I think she has a bit more self-control when it comes to the chocolate though. When I last looked she had a majority of her bag left. Now if it were tea, it would be a totally different conversation. I could give her a gallon and walk out of the room, walk back in and it would be half gone. I guess we all have our vices.


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