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On The Fourth Day Of Christmas….

Jayde was like any other kid on Christmas. First thing in the morning….come on Mommy, Picture Frameget up, it’s the Fourth Day of Christmas! Get up, get up, get up!!! So I dragged myself out of my nice warm bed and down stairs for my Fourth Day of Christmas gift. Lucky for all of you, you get to see what I look like mere seconds after I drag myself out of bed.

On The Fourth Day of Christmas my Honey Bunny gave to me….a frame to hold more images of….well what else…her. Generally the only thing I place on my wall are images of her. What else could be more beautiful?


Today Jayde’s gift is surely the essence of her. She talks about her sock monkey footie Pajamaspajamas on a DAILY basis. Over and over again, telling me how they are her favorite things to wear and that she can’t believe she ONLY has one pair of them blah blah blah. I find it a bit odd that a fourteen year old loves to wear pajamas intended for a fourteen month old but far be it from me to judge what someone else loves. So on the Fourth Day of Christmas my Honey Bunny got from me….penguin footie pajamas so that I don’t need to¬†proposition her to take them off so I can wash them on a daily basis, dry them really fast and bring them back to her all warm and cozy. Now at least I’ve got two days between laundry……maybe I should have gotten a few more pair? As on the other days, Jayde exclaimed “this is the best gift ever!” Today though she was jumping up and down and spinning in circles with her pajamas. I think it’s only going to get better for her and she doesn’t even know it yet…..


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