Giraffe George
Family, Surrogacy

On The Third Day Of Christmas…..

Cold Stone Ice CreamOnce again Jayde commented that “this is the best present ever!” I’m beginning to wonder if she is just saying it to be polite or if she really means it. Based on her excitement today when she yet again received a bottle of Nestea, I’m doubting it though. Her excitement was extremely heightened when she opened her Hello Kitty tattoos and saw that she got Cold Stone in addition to the other two small things. Really who couldn’t be excited over Cold Stone? I got her favorite, chocolate cake batter with cookie dough mixed in. Now I think this sounds repulsive but for whatever reason she just loves it. (Oh, yes that is Jayde wearing sock monkey footsie jammies in case you were wondering)


My one gift has a bit more of a story to it while the other is just gum. Yep gum. I’m very Giraffe Georgeparticular with the kind of gum I chew and I will only chew Dentyne fire so Jayde will get it in bulk for me. The other is sort of her version of a conversation we once had that turned into a running joke. One time years ago we were driving and Jayde being Jayde made the comment that I wouldn’t even care if she were homicidal…..then she went on to say that I wouldn’t even care if she were suicidal.  She finished her statement by firmly stating that I certainly wouldn’t care if she were a giraffe! Well me being the kind of person I am and needing to keep all things rather light made the comment “well I certainly would care if you were a homicidal, suicidal giraffe though.” It made her laugh to say the least and she has since named our “homicidal, suicidal, giraffe;” George. So, the wire whip she got me is George and the reason he is homicidal, suicidal; is because he has half a body, wouldn’t that ruin anyone’s day?


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