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On The Second Day Of Christmas…

Jayde loves The Rocky Horror Picture Show….let me rephrase that…Jayde dances around the house doingRocky Horror the time warp and is OBSESSED with Rocky Horror. It’s a jump to the left….and then step to the riiighhhhhttt…. She received Rocky Horror on DVD and a bottle of Nestea. She said the same thing that she said yesterday “this is the BEST gift EVER!” It’s strange how I hear that every day of the Twelve Days of Christmas every year. It never ceases to amaze me at how the little things make her so happy. I don’t need to buy her extravagant gifts for her to be happy. She told me today that I could have just given her the bottle of tea and she would have been happy but she LOVED the DVD just as much.

On the Second Day of Christmas my Honey Bunny gave to me….a box of ugly socks. Yep, socksyou read that right. I LOVE ugly socks. They are my absolute favorite and I wear them on a daily basis. Some of my favorites are bunnies with earmuffs and scarves, that I wear in the summer, socks with various breeds of dogs and dolphins jumping through hoops. Ronen and Gadi know my love for socks and they sent me alligators in which the opening of the sock is the alligator’s mouth so it looks like my leg is getting bitten each time I wear them and pink flamingos.


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