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On The First Day Of Christmas….

Today marks the First Day of Christmas for Jayde and I. It’s been a long wait for her but it’s finally arrived. She told me that she did so good on figuring exactly what it was I wanted/needed this year that I’d be so excited I’d pee my pants and throw up all at the same time. I surely hope I don’t but I do hope that I will be overly excited, if for nothing but her sake. She generally does an amazing job, partly because I give her a list with very specific items listed, complete with the store she should get it at and partly because she goes shopping with my friend Jen who is the other half of me.

On the First Day of Christmas my Honey Bunny gave to me……

iCable For Christmas
iCable For Christmas

An iCable so I can listen to my iPhone in the car. Whooo Hooooo! I’ve wanted one of these for a while now but refused to buy one for myself because it was a “want’ and not a “need”. Having nothing to do with the few dollars it cost, but everything to do with not “needing” one.

And for my Honey Bunny……

Rat Hat For Christmas
Rat Hat For Christmas

A Rat Hat and bottle of tea. She LOVES rats. Let me rephrase that….she is OBSESSED with rats and LOVES hats so this combination was just perfect. The tea….well it’s a no brainer. She loves her “snowman tea”. I don’t know when Nestea stopped using the snowman as their logo but to her it will always be “snowman tea”


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