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Under Charged And Feeling Bad…..

I recently mailed a package to Ronen and Gadi via FedEx and for some reason I got undercharged. I signed the credit card slip and it clearly stated the correct amount but my bank statement is reflecting a totally different amount….like $150 less than it should. I’ve been talking to many other people regarding this mishap the last few days and it seems that everyone has the same response. That I should just let it go and be happy that I was undercharged instead of overcharged.

That’s just WRONG! Someone that works at FedEx is surely going to get blamed for this mishap that clearly was just a human error. It isn’t like he took cash from me and shoved it in his pocket and is telling FedEx to just stick it! It’s a mistake that he will most likely get blamed for and he really shouldn’t. I want to pay the price that I should have paid to mail the package.

I’d go back into FedEx with my credit card receipt and show them my bank statement against the receipt to show that it’s seriously $150 less than it should be (to the penny) but I didn’t keep that portion of the receipt. I only kept the portion that has my tracking number listed.

So now I feel even worse. How can I get them to charge me the correct amount when I don’t have the proof to back it? I know it sounds crazy but I don’t want someone behind the counter at FedEx to lose their job over a mistake that was made that I’d like to make right.

Any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Under Charged And Feeling Bad…..”

  1. Hmmm that is a dilemma, its very nice of you to worry about someone losing their job. Could you go back to the fedex office and speak to the person who helped you? Are you sure it wasn’t the card company’s error?

    1. I’ve already gone back into FedEx and talked to the person that helped me and without the original receipt there wasn’t much he could do. The receipt clearly had the correct amount listed. I have another funny story regarding this mishap that I will be posting soon….stay tuned!

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