Presents or Presence?

Another birthday! It’s crazy how they come at the same time each year but as we get older we tend to forget the day. As always my birthday approached and I hoped, wished, and prayed that my birthday would come and no one would remember. I can’t remember the last time I “enjoyed” my birthday so each year, I hope that I can just let this day pass without too many people noticing it’s any different from a normal Monday or any other day of the week.

Why is it that we teach our kids to “expect” presents on their birthday each year? As time goes on they are ultimately disappointed because they didn’t get what someone else got or they didn’t get enough of something else. I’ve come to learn over the years it’s the presence that matters so much more than the presents. I got a motorcycle helmet from Phil because he assumes it will get me on the back of his motorcycle more often. I’ve used the excuse that I would NEVER ride without a helmet of my own. Now I will need to come up with a different excuse so not to crush him. It’s not that I don’t want to be on a motorcycle, it’s just that I don’t trust anyone else but me driving and I don’t trust anyone else on the road. So……if I can drive somewhere there isn’t a single other vehicle AND there is no wind, bugs or stray animals, then I will definitely get back on again.

It really wasn’t about the helmet though. The best thing I got for my birthday was the presence of those most important to me. I sat outside Cold Stone and ate my scoop of vanilla (I know boring) with Jayde to my left and my dad to my right. Does it get any better than that? It cost me $0.99 to have the perfect birthday with my dad. We sat in the sun eating our ice cream, laughing and talking.

Later that evening Jayde and I drove 250 miles to eat at Outback Steakhouse for my celebratory birthday dinner. Again, I know…crazy to drive so far just to eat dinner.

I was at a doctor’s appointment after surgery when I realized what my age was. I remember being younger and ALWAYS knowing exactly how old I was. How is it when you get older you just magically forget what number represents your age? As I was saying….I was at a doctor’s appointment and I leaned over to see what the nurse was writing on my chart and I saw the numbers 35 jump out at me. Was that right? Was I really 35? I did the math hastily in my head and was shocked! I really was 35. How did that happen? Where was I when this happened? It seemed like yesterday I was 25!

Good thing I didn’t have this plan for my life that at age 35 I needed to have something completed because I would have missed it. Maybe next year I will feel like I’m 35 instead of still 25?


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