Another Two Week Wait…..

For any of you that have had IVF or that are Surrogates or Gestational Carriers know that the two-week wait is by far the longest two weeks you’ve ever experienced! This time around was no different for me. I had ordered pregnancy tests off the internet because let’s face it, at $9.99 a pop buying them at the store is just far too much. So I got 30 pregnancy tests for right around $20 (including shipping). Now I understand why they were so cheap!

One week post transfer, I began taking a test every morning and every morning only one line appeared. And I really wasn’t feeling “pregnant” either. I wasn’t excessively tired, I wasn’t experiencing food aversion or morning sickness and my bra still fit. The day prior to my blood test, I told Ronen that I really just wasn’t feeling it, and that all the home tests had shown negative. I didn’t want him to be caught off guard when we got the negative blood results back.

Well….I was wrong! The first hCG was 33. The doctor here reminded me that anything over 5 was considered “pregnant.” I need to have an additional hCG in two days to ensure I’m actual pregnant. I stopped at Target on my way home from work and purchased an actual pregnancy test, you know the $9.99 kind that digitally read “pregnant” or “not pregnant.” Sure enough, it read “pregnant.” Now I’m wondering why the tests purchased online were indicating negative? I did another home test the following morning (the one’s I purchased online) and it said negative again.

Second blood test went from 33 to 73 and since the blood test was on a Saturday, I was told I wasn’t going to get the results until Monday. That just didn’t work for me. I started calling the lab pestering them about what my numbers were and they weren’t willing to release the information to me in any way. I called Dr. Liberach’s office in Toronto and wouldn’t you know it, I missed the nurses that worked on Saturday by about fifteen minutes. How could I get the results before Monday? I would most definitely not sleep the entire weekend if I didn’t know if they had increased, decreased or stayed the same.  I was having lunch with a good friend and she suggested we call the lab and she be a “nurse” for the day. Brilliant! So there we were, sitting in her car nervously dialing the local number for the lab. The nurse at the lab indicated she had faxed the information to Toronto and Minneapolis and that since she had, she had fulfilled her job. Well my friend, lets call her “Audrey Nelson” said without hesitation “I’m the on call nurse and I’m required to get a verbal read.” There was a moment of silence on the other end of the line and then the nurse said 73. Why didn’t i think of calling and saying I was my nurse? Nurse Nelson, you are a genius!

Now to wait until Monday for my third blood test. Monday’s results were much the same, they went from 73 to 112. Since there wasn’t a clear double in numbers, I’d need to be poked again on Wednesday. I was already at the hospital with my dad on Monday so I didn’t need to travel far to get the blood drawn. Dad had a heart attack on Thursday but didn’t tell me anything about it until Saturday. He had too much stuff to do to go see a doctor. On Saturday afternoon I talked to my mom and she told me that dad still didn’t feel well and I should do something about it. I got in my car without hesitation, made the drive to their house 40 miles away and demanded he go to the doctor. I believe I even said to him that I needed him to go because I didn’t want him dead. Now I didn’t know for certain if he really had a heart attack in the previous days but from the symptoms he was explaining, I was pretty sure it was more than just “being tired.” Hours after sitting in a private room in the emergency room, dad was taken to the Cardiac ICU because his heart enzymes indicated he really did have a heart attack. Dad kept telling the doctor “I don’t think I had a heart attack” and the doctor reminded him again that the only way his enzymes could be elevated was if he had a heart attack. Dad still wasn’t hearing it. Call it selective hearing or dead batteries in his hearing aid, but he wasn’t having any of what the doctor was telling him!  A few days later, dad was able to go home with the understanding he needed to attend cardiac rehab and do a stress test in about a month. No surgery planned “yet” but there is still the possibility, we will know at the end of September.

Wednesday finally rolled around and I had yet another painful poke. The phlebotomist commented on me looking like a domestic violence victim which I thought was pretty funny. I get stabbed with the smallest of needles and it leaves a massive bruise. The bruises don’t hurt, they just look awful! hCG went from 112 to 294, ultrasound is on August 30th!!!!


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