All About Lucas, Part II……


I thought the last post was getting a bit long, so I separated them into two different posts. How can someone not love that face, and those eyes? They are captivating and just priceless. By the time I had taken this image, so much had changed. I moved out of the studio and into my own house with a studio for the simple fact I wanted to provide a service “Portraits with Purpose” I wanted to give to those that had children that needed the history created and I didn’t want to charge for my services. Don’t get me wrong, I still charged for some sessions, just not for sessions in which history needed to be created because time was definitely limited. This was now my specialty and I wouldn’t go back and make any changes. When I lived in New Jersey, it was all about the money, how many sessions I could shoot in any given week and how many canvas prints I could push so I could buy Jayde something that she most likely didn’t need. Now I had changed the way I looked at these images and realized I was creating history instead of creating a profit. Shame on me for ever thinking making a profit on anyone and everyone was the right thing to do!

So do you now understand my love for Lucas. The fact his eyes captivate me and his smiles melt my heart. The drool is just an added bonus!

Teresa posted on her Caring Bridge site that “Lucas has contagious whole-body giggles & a strength beyond what I imagine. The lessons they’ve taught are worth more than any schooling. They are lessons of the heart; heart tears.” How can someone so young, someone so small touch so many lives when he is in constant agony? How can he laugh when he should be crying? To this day, I still don’t understand the strength Lucas has and the strength he provides to those around him. He is, in my eyes, a true hero!

Coming tomorrow…..Part III


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