Two Perfect Embryos

Perfect Embryos….

Two Perfect EmbryosI look at the image of the embryos over and over again and try to figure out what the next two embryos will look like.  I was really hoping that I wouldn’t need to think about what the next set of embryos would look but my hoping didn’t produce a successful implant this time around.  I found out late Friday afternoon that the initial beta test had an hCG level of less than one.  Anything over five would have been considered a “positive” test.

Since the embryos looked perfect and I took the prescribed medications exactly at the same time daily, there really isn’t an answer as to why it didn’t work properly.  I’ve received information from CReATe that my medications will change slightly this time around in hopes that it’s successful.  I will be taking an antibiotic for three days (this is the same as the previous implant), I will also be taking Prednisone for a few days (which is different this cycle) along with the same amount of Estrace and Progesterone.  I’m not really sure what adding the Prednisone will do, but I’m not the doctor so I really don’t need to know.

My next implant will take place at the end of July.  I will be traveling  back to Toronto; although this time Ronen and Gadi won’t be there.  I’m contemplating leaving Jayde at home again because it will be a much quicker trip this time and there won’t be time for a “vacation”.  I will be back in plenty of time for her birthday though.  She will be 14 this year!  It’s crazy how fast she’s growing up.  I know I say that all the time.


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