I’ve Been Implanted…..

As I was checking into the hotel, I received a message from CReATe indicating my implant time had been set for 6:45 the following morning.  6:45 on a Saturday morning???  I really dislike mornings and would much rather pull the blankets back over my head and close my eyes.  If the implant is at 6:45 it means that I need to drink a MASSIVE amount of water prior to the implant.  This is the most uncomfortable portion of the implant.  Having a full bladder and not being able to pee!

Ronen and Gadi met me outside of CReATe at about 6:30.  I t was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining and I was ready.  We got inside the building with an access code but couldn’t make it to the 11th floor!  The elevator would open, we would enter, push a button for the 11th floor and then the elevator would open again.  Even once someone from CReATe arrived, they were unable to get the elevator to work properly.  Finally at about 6:45, someone else from CReATe arrived and they had the key card to make the elevators work.

Patiently waiting

I was sent to a curtained off room with the nicest massage chair I’ve ever used.  There I sat until about 9:30!  My bladder was checked to ensure it was “full” at about 8.  I asked when the doctor would be arriving because I didn’t think I could I could sit there any longer.  There wasn’t a definitive answer so I ended up using the bathroom and started drinking the water all over again.  It seemed that the instant I walked out of the bathroom and sat back in my wonderful massage chair, the doctor showed up.  Oh Geez!  Now I needed to wait even longer because my bladder wasn’t quite full again.

Still drinking water

After it was determined that my bladder was full, I was taken to the implant room and Dr. Librach came into the room to go over a few last minute questions and paperwork.  I told him he looked MUCH younger in person than he did on the website.  Maybe a little flattery will get me preferential treatment?  Ronen and Gadi had left to go back to their hotel and the Dr. indicated they should be there so he picked up the phone in the implant room and called them to come back for the procedure.  Back to the massage chair I went until they were back and the Dr. was ready again.

Once they came back, they needed to get dressed in the surgical items to be allowed in the room.  This was such a great time.  We laughed, then laughed some more.  This was just what was needed.  Ronen kept saying how much he hated hospitals!  After we were taken back into the implant room, he was looking a little white and Gadi insisted he sit down before he passed out.  He made a comment that they were supposed to be there to make me feel at ease and I was reassuring Ronen that all would be ok.

Gadi getting ready
Ronen getting ready
I personally think it looks like he was putting on a bonnet!
Ronen dressed and ready to go!

Dr. Librach was wonderful, he made them a part of something so special.  The embryos were shown on a monitor and Gadi said the “good looking” embryo would be his.  When we looked on the screen, Gadi immediately said that the embryo on the left was his because it was perfectly separated into 8 cells.  Well….everyone was wrong!  Ronen’s was the neat 8 cell embryo and Gadi’s was a little “artistic”.  It was still separated into 8 cells but wasn’t as “neat” so we decided it was artistic instead of “messy”.  (I will update with an image of the embryos soon)

Gadi and I
Ronen and I

The actual implant lasted about three minutes and then I needed to lay on the table for a while again.

The bright white section is the actual embryo being implanted

After the nurse was pushing the ultrasound wand on my stomach to ensure the bladder was properly filled and to ensure that the catheter was inserted to the uterus at the proper location, I was about ready to pee on the table!  Finally I was allowed to empty my bladder!  It felt like I had laid on the table for hours waiting but it was actually only 15 minutes.  Back to the massage chair for at least 30 minutes to rest.  I reclined the chair, turned on my iPod and waited.

After I left, I walked the two blocks back to the hotel where I was instructed to rest.  On my previous two implants, I was never really tired so I figured I’d lay in the bed and stare at the ceiling.  I laid in bed for a short time then I grabbed the camera to download the images from earlier in the day.  I figured once the images were downloaded, I’d need to find something else to do but I was wrong.  I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.  Five hours later, I woke up!  A five hour nap, really???  Now I feared I wouldn’t be able to sleep all night.

I called Jayde to let her know everything was finished and of the laughter of the day.  Then it was off to bed again.  I can’t remember ever being so tired… was crazy!

I am so grateful that Ronen and Gadi were able to accompany me to CReATe for the implant.  It was so personal that I believe it put everyone at ease.  I certainly know that I felt better with them being able to experience what I’ve done twice before.

The first pregnancy test is on July 2.  Here’s hoping for really HIGH hCG levels!


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