Implant Date Has Been Set….

I know, I know…’s been far to long.  I actually have reasons this time though.  I was out of work sick for almost six weeks with Pneumonia so I guess that would be enough of an excuse to not update in forever!  I ran into an old friend yesterday that asked if the implant was still a go and it made me think instead of just telling one of you, that I should share with all of you.

So here goes…..I will be flying out of Fargo on June 17th.  Yep, I said “I” this time.  I wanted Jayde to be able to travel with me and to meet Ronen and Gadi but having car problems and the cost of plane tickets is making it near impossible this time.  Ronen told me today that it was OK because they will see her in North Dakota.  I will be getting into Toronto at about 4pm assuming all goes well on the flight from Fargo and that the layover in Minneapolis isn’t too terribly long.  I was really hoping to be in Toronto prior to 4pm due to a “Jeans and T-Shirt” ceremony with Ronen, Gadi and their family that’s coming in from New York.  Once I’m back from Toronto, I will let you all in on the “Jeans and T-Shirt” ceremony but for now I need to keep quiet…..well mostly!

June 17th is also my mom’s birthday so hopefully this date will bring better luck than the last two implants.  The medications are different this time, we are using a different doctor and a different egg donor so hopefully all things said it will work out better this time than last.  On the 18th I will be off to CReATe clinic for the actual procedure.  Dr. Librach will be the Dr. that is doing the actual implant.  I’ve had telephone conferences with him and he seems to be very through.

The medications and amounts of medication are also very different this time around.  Last two implants, I was to take Lupron injections and then Estrogen (Estradiol).  This time around, I am forgoing the Lupron and taking massive amounts of the Estrogen.  I currently take four Estrogen tablets three times a day.  Let me tell you, the side effects are definitely noticeable too.  I get a headache and am a bit more emotional than normal (Yes I do have more than one emotion for those of you who are questioning still).  The most INSANE side effect though has caused me to go bra shopping!  At this rate I will be a double D within the month.  It’s crazy.  I also need to do Progesterone injections which is an oil instead of a saline based solution.  OUCH!

I had the first of two ultrasounds to determine if I am ready to be implanted.  This was done on the same day I started taking the Estrogen and there were 6 follicles on the right ovary and 9 on the left.  I’m not really sure what these numbers represent, but I was told all was good to go.  I have the second of two ultrasounds on Thursday this week to determine if the Estrogen has caused my uterine wall to thicken enough to be implanted or if it’s just caused my bra’s to get too small.

I’m so excited to begin the process again and I’ll take the few moments of discomfort, side effects from the medication and all of the “hurry up and wait time.”

Any suggestions on what I can take to Toronto for Ronen and Gadi?  They are new to the surrogacy process and this is their first attempt.



1 thought on “Implant Date Has Been Set….”

  1. Good luck! I truly admire someone like you that is so generous and selfless! You are going to give them the best gift of all I had struggled with infertility myself and know how emotionally and physically draining the whole trying every month with disappointment really wears a person down. I am sending positive thoughts your way and hope things work out. I will keep checking for updates!!!

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