Maroon 5……

I had taken Jayde to her first concert a while back (John Mayer), well the first concert that she can actually remember.  When we lived in NY/NJ we went to concerts in the park (Central Park) but

Ry Cummings
Ry Cummings

she was three and four so she sort of remembers seeing music in the park but doesn’t really remember them.  I’ve always brought her up knowing that music is a crucial part of her developing into the phenomenal person that she is and have sometimes pushed a little too hard.  When she was four, I was pushing the violin on her a bit too hard which caused her not to like it so much.  Then on to the cello a few years later and then to the guitar.  I just want her to have the love for music that I have and while we were at the Maroon 5 concert, she found it!

She was a bit excited when I told her that we were going to another concert but then the day of the concert she indicated that she wasn’t sure if she really wanted to go or not.  I reminded her it wasn’t going to be anything like John Mayer; it wasn’t going to be at the Fargo Dome so there wasn’t going to be thousands of people there and reminded her again that we had the fourth row!  She had forgotten about the “fourth row” part and hesitantly said “oh, all right, I guess I’ll go then.”  Little did she know she was in for an experience that would change her entire outlook on music.

Jesse Carmichael
Jesse Carmichael

We drove about an hour and a half to get to the concert and the car ride was filled with CDs of the band and lots of laughs with my friend Jen and the person that keeps Jayde’s hair in the vast array of colors it generally is, Taji.  At one point Jayde even told us that she felt like the adult in the car because the three “adults” were laughing like little girls.  I was surprised that I was able to focus enough to stay on the road we were laughing so hard.  I guess….get Jen and I together in a room and it’s all laughter (well that and looking up new words in the dictionary or thesaurus.  I know I just sound like so much fun, don’t I?)

Anyway….back to the new-found love of music for Jayde.  The first concert was Ry Cummings, an Australian guy, that sang without his accent.  I still wonder how people can speak with an accent but as soon as they open their mouth to sing, the accent is gone.  How does that happen?  Jayde was very excited when she heard him speak.  She asked me “can I have one of those mommy?”  I knew right away she didn’t mean the musician, she meant someone who speaks with an Australian accent!

Mickey Madden
Mickey Madden

He played quite well despite my confusion of how someone can speak with a heavy accent and then as soon as they open their mouth to sing, the accent is gone.  I was even more impressed when the keyboard player for Maroon 5, Jesse Carmichael, came on stage and played along with Ry.  The only thing I wasn’t so sure of, was why he was wearing the sweater he was wearing. Did he do this to show his support for the Minnesot-ans?  You be the deciding factor….do you think a musician goes around wearing a sweater like the one in this photograph?  It was a bit cold that evening, well not really cold for ND/MN standards at the end of October but still it was a bit cold.  I didn’t wear my jacket into the concert but I was wearing a GAP sweatshirt, jeans and sneakers.  I believe in comfort over dressing up for a concert.  Jayde too was wearing a GAP sweatshirt.  Jen and Taji, however, were wearing “girl” clothes as Jayde would put it.

Ry played for about 45 minutes and then all of the equipment was switched around on stage.  During this time the security guards came up to me numerous times asking about my camera equipment and why the lens looked “professional.”  How do you explain it is professional without sounding like a snob?  “Well, I spend more on my camera

Adam Levine
Adam Levine

equipment than I do on my car so if this baby doesn’t provide me with a decent picture, I’m screwed!”  Is what I wanted to say but I figured I should play nice and offer to let the guard that offered to let me up to the stage once the concert started look at the back of the camera to show what the 70-300 zoom was actually giving me.  When I turned the camera around to show him, the look on his face was incredible.  It was like I was showing him something he had never seen before.  Whooo hooo!  I was safe to take pictures during the concert since I never use a flash AND he was going to allow me up closer to the stage AND he was going to make sure that no one got in front of me while I was shooting.  Guess my dad was right, it’s always best to be nicer than you know you should be in EVERY situation.

James Valentine
James Valentine

Jayde was so excited through every single song that was played and she even grabbed the camera and asked if she too could start shooting images of Maroon 5.  It was such a proud moment for me!  She was loving the music AND she was interested in taking band pictures.  I almost cried, but I figured someone would think I was a bit verklempt over one of the band members so I just kept the feelings inside knowing that Jayde is finally passionate about two of the things that I’m obsessive over.

So the image of Mickey Madden I posted was one of about 40 that I have that I could just about drool over.  When I looked on the Maroon 5 band page to get correct spellings of the names I was reading the Bio’s of the band members and he posted a Proust questionnaire.  Okay, that in itself made me want to drool over him just a bit more.  If I were to ever meet him, I’d be forced to say “As Marcel Proust would say……”  I’ve had a few people ask me for copies of this image as well but I do believe I will just keep it for myself and make everyone else jealous!  I ended up taking over 200 images that night and I don’t think there was one that wasn’t considered a “good” image.

Maroon 5
Maroon 5

Jayde took an additional 50 images before the camera got too heavy for her and she gave it back to me.  Now that Maroon 5 is on tour overseas, I can’t even surprise Jayde with concert tickets anywhere in the United States.  She keeps telling me that she want to see them again and I’ve already promised her that she will.  So the hunt is on for the next set of tickets.  I’m hoping it will be somewhere outside because I’d love for her to experience a concert “in the park” that she can actually remember and who knows, maybe it will be Central Park again.





















****I was only able to get three images of Matt Flynn (the drummer) because of the way the lights were setup on stage.  Generally when I’ve done band pictures in the past, I’ve been able to get a few images of the drummer but this concert was nearly impossible.  Regardless, I was able to get three at the end of the concert when they were leaving the stage****


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