Ronen and Gadi…..

I’ve had my preliminary call with CReATe in Toronto and the contracts are being finalized.  I’ve chosen, or rather Ronen and Gadi have chosen to work with me!  I guess it would technically be with Jayde and I since she will be a part of the entire journey but if I worded it in a way that they had chosen to work with Jayde and I, someone out there could have gotten the wrong impression and I would have had a TON of hate mail over the entire sentence.

I had a long telephone conversation with Ronen and Gadi about a month ago and we agreed on so many topics that were discussed.  The entire conversation left me with that warm feeling you have when things are, well….just right.  We discussed items such as how involved they would be during the entire process since they are half a world away (Tel Aviv) and how we would communicate to what they expected from me during the pregnancy (assuming everything goes well).  They laughed with me on the call as well as asked all the right questions.  I was very impressed with the laughter though.  This, to me, made me relax and open up even more.  I’m an open book with all of this regardless, if someone asks, I tell.  The laughter just made it quite a bit easier to keep the conversation moving.  They asked all the right questions regarding Jayde and even asked me for a soup recipe before the conversation came to an end.  All in all, it was just very nice.

As I learn more about Ronen and Gadi, I will be sure to post additional information as their life will become part of my life.  I will end up spending a considerable amount of time with them in Toronto when I am implanted by Dr. Clifford Librach.


2 thoughts on “Ronen and Gadi…..”

  1. yay!

    i am so glad to read this. not sure if you remember me, we met in toronto in 2008. i was havig my last transfer for my couple thru IARC and dr v.

    i am on a surro break as i just had my own twins in november. not done creating families, just on a break:)

    wishing you and your IPs a wonderful journey

    1. I sure do remember you. I am so happy to know that you had twins to add to your family and also glad to know that you are still going to create families for other people. There sure aren’t many of us out there that enjoy helping others in this way.

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