Merry Christmas To All of You….

It’s hard for me not to send out 400 cards each year but I’ve cut down to just 100.  It really doesn’t mean that you aren’t special to Jayde and I, it just means that the cards are $3.00 each and I really can’t justify it so I just place my card online for everyone to admire.  It’s hard to grasp the beauty of the card looking at your computer screen but let me tell you it’s WAY better than a Hallmark card.

Yes I say “Merry Christmas” on my cards, I know it isn’t PC but it is Christmas.  Why wouldn’t I say Merry Christmas?  Our cards were 5×7 folded cards, the first image listed is the front of the card.














Now I think that Jayde is just stunning and every image is absolutely perfect of her….but the again I get to be partial.  She has perfect skin, perfect lips, amazing eyes.  Well you can see all of this in the image of just her face.  Jayde chose our clothes and where we were going to have our images this year.  I am SO GLAD she decided on the park this year.  It was so much fun!  The bottom of our card has “Joy, Love, Laughter” which is pretty much the norm at our house on a daily basis.  We laugh until we cry, bring joy to each other and those around us and I can’t begin to explain the amount of love we have.  The inside of our card had the images spread across the crease which I really like (10 inches wide and 7 inches tall).


Generally every year I place goofy images of Jayde on the back of the card and do an “according to Jayde” statement.  Last year she said “Santa has the right idea, we should only visit people once a year” and this year she talks about making silly faces to get people to lighten up.  There have been many times when she says something and I seriously can’t believe that she thought of that.  She is far to brilliant for her age and someone someday will have a very hard time keeping up with her.  We talk in tangents to each other at warp speed because we can keep up and totally understand  each other but we do get some very odd looks from time to time when people hear us cracking up over “George” or something else very random.  I really couldn’t have asked for a better kid though.  She is my version of perfection and I really wouldn’t change anything about her.

I hope you enjoy our card this year and we look forward to making next year’s better than this.


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