Random Act of Kindness

Too Much Snow….

I know….I know….it’s where I live.  It’s inevitable to have loads and loads of snow with nowhere to really put it.  This morning when I went out side there was far more snow than normal and I kept thinking to my self “why is it again that I live here?”

The wind is blowing so hard I can hear it howling, snow is pelting me in the face but I plaster that fake smile on my face and grab the shovel and head out to the garage to start my car.  I noticed that my neighbors hadn’t shoveled in front of their garage yet so I walked on over and started to shovel there as well.  I don’t know my neighbors very well; they tend to stay to themselves most times.  I do however know they have eight children and they moved here from Somalia.  I really can’t imagine either; eight children or moving from the desert to this frozen tundra.  Maybe they will notice the nice deed and do the same for someone else, or just spend an extra few minutes with each of their children today.


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