Random Act of Kindness

Going Postal…..

I was standing in line at the Post Office to purchase the rest of the stamps to mail my Christmas Cards and I decided I was going to buy a book of stamps for the next person that tried to purchase one from the clerk I was working with. When I told her of my plan you would have thought I was telling her that I was mailing something “potentially hazardous, liquid or flammable” from the reaction I received. She stopped me in mid sentence and said could you please wait a minute while I get my supervisor!

Really???? All I want to do is purchase a book of stamps, leave them here with you and have you ever so nicely give them to the next person that walks up to your station and says to you “I’d like to buy a book of stamps!”

The supervisor came over and I started my speech all over again…..”I would like to purchase three books of stamps, two of them are for myself and one I would like to purchase and leave here for the next person that asks for a book of stamps.”

Now instead of one confused person looking at me, I have two! I was told “Well Ma’m, that’s against our policy because….well it is.” I am now thinking if it’s against your policy can’t you give me a logical reason why it is against your policy instead of “well it is”…..geez these people were frustrating me.

So I started again…..”I am doing Random Acts of Kindness throughout the month of December and I know that Christmas is a stressful time for people and I would like to remove a little of the stress by doing something nice for someone else. Could I please just purchase a book of stamps and leave them with you, or just leave them here on the counter; on the customer side of the counter. If someone should happen to ask about these stamps that I leave on the customer side, you could just say that someone purchased them and wanted to leave them for someone in need.”

Now they understood…..”Oh you want to buy a gift for someone you don’t know?” My answer was “Exactly!” Then they proceeded to ask for my name, telephone number and address????? When I asked why they needed this information, they said in case someone who didn’t know me wanted to give me a “gift” for giving them a “gift.”

I wonder when I will receive my book of stamps in the mail?


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