Random Act of Kindness

Keeping Their Hands Warm….

I had actually put a lot of thought into this next Random Act of Kindness because I wanted it to be something that affected more than just one person. The more I thought the harder it became to come up with just one thing less than $10 that could affect many people. I came up with the idea of handing out hand warmers to the people ringing the bells outside by the Salvation Army Red Buckets during the month of December and now the hard part was going to be finding hand warmers for the masses for less than $10.

I started by looking at sporting goods stores and found they were about $3.00 each warmer, then on to gas stations where they were $2.99 each warmer all the way to Wal-Mart where they were $2.49 per warmer. This just wasn’t going to work for what I wanted to do. I was at Sams Club on Friday evening and I spotted a box of 28 Pairs of hand/feet warmers for $9.97. Perfect! I could now help 28 different people to keep their hands warm.

I let my friend Jen in on my little plan as she too was doing Random Acts of Kindness throughout the month and she was in on the plan. She too was going to hand out warmers along with me. When I talked to Jayde about it, she wanted to take it a step further and deliver Hot Chocolate, Cider or Coffee to all of the Bell Ringers. While I wasn’t able to deliver the beverages due to not having the right equipment we still had a great time taking around the hand warmers.

I never realized how hard it would be to actually find Bell Ringers standing outside! I always thought every store I walked into had them ringing loudly. Come to think of it, I can still hear the bells in my head. I drove from store to store only to find that the people were now inside ringing the bells and that this was going to be rather difficult. I did however find about 8 different stores where there were people standing outside ringing the bells along with Postal workers walking in the frigid North Dakota winter, the drive up grocery boys and a few homeless people to pass along my fortune to.

The reactions from all were priceless. I’ve never seen such excitement over a disposable hand warmer.


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