Random Act of Kindness

Leaving The Lights On….

I went to the grocery store and saw that there was a car in the parking lot with the lights on.  Before I got my fancy Maxima I was one of those people who left their lights on quite often.  Now no matter how hard I try now, I just can’t do it because the car is way smarter than I am.

So I guess what I did was breaking and entering of sorts because I opened the door to someone else’s car and turned the lights off for them.  I don’t know of many places where someone would actually be happy about my “breaking and entering” but here in the middle of nowhere (Fargo, North Dakota) it’s a very common practice for people to leave their cars unlocked, running and their valuables sitting on the seat.  I of course don’t go quite that far but I’m guilty of leaving the car unlocked.

I left a post-it note on their steering wheel that said “I’m sorry for entering your car with out permission but I wanted to turn your headlights off so your battery would remain charged.  I hope you pay forward the random act of kindness.  CS”

I hope they too will do something nice for someone else this holiday season.


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