Random Act of Kindness

Saturday’s Random Act of Kindness….

Jayde and I went to the First Presbyterian Church tonight for a Christmas concert.  I’ve never been to this church so I was in awe at the size of the church and how ornate it was.  When I was paying for our tickets, I saw there was one person that had come in behind us so I told the person collecting our money that I would also like to purchase the next person in line’s ticket.  Jayde said I was being really “festive” and the person collecting the money didn’t really know what to do.  She stuttered a bit and looked at me blankly!  Don’t other people do anything nice for others?

The opening music was a cappella standard Christmas carols.  After the choir preformed, the orchestra played a few pieces.  There was an interesting “best hits” of The Nutcracker Suite along with ballet dancers (two of which were dressed head to toe in red and white stripped spandex body suits that I thought looked like jammies you should put on a three month old instead of an over weight “ballet dancer”).  I’m not going to say that I’m a music snob or anything, you know maybe it was the acoustics in the enormous church but I was very disappointed with he tone and pitch of most all the music.

All in all I was just happy to spend the evening with my Honey Bunny!


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