Random Act of Kindness

Second Random Act of Kindness…..

I had a sudden urge to veer off my usual path to work this morning and head to the drive thru of Caribou Coffee.  I don’t know what made me do it, I just turned.  I could maybe chalk it up to the two hours of sleep that I got last night or quite possibly the delirium that had set in from lack of caffeine…..but just for today, I will say it was “random”.

Those of you who knew me during my Jersey days knew that I was most often times in a daze from lack of sleep due to being over worked.  I had either stayed in the studio too late working on “work” or working on images of Jayde so I rarely slept and since Bayonne didn’t have a Starbucks or a Caribou at the time I was reduced to Manhattan Bagel.  They didn’t have anything other than black coffee that I could add milk in and if I took a straw and blew bubbles really hard I could create a “faux-something” so I found a little boutique coffee/pastry shop that was hidden around the corner.  The front door was barely visible and if you didn’t know it was a business, you’d think that you were going into the door to someone’s apartment.  Anyway, I had to explain to them what a “Mocha” was and “No I don’t want you to make it with powdered hot chocolate mix!”  After giving them a lesson on how to make the perfect Mocha with an extra shot of espresso, made with half and half instead of that crappy low fat, skim, or even 2% and then had them put whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles on top…..Oh! I almost need to take a road trip for my “Christina Special” as they called it.  Ya, Ya, I know it has like three trillion calories in it, but being I was so busy, that was my main caloric intake for the day…..so one or maybe even two of these for the day kept me plenty wired and going great!

Back to my Random act of kindness…..I should really try to write these posts when I’m not distracted by the perfect cup of coffee!

So I was at Caribou in line and I ordered at the speaker.  The girl was so nice to me, she first asked me if I was having a “Glorious Morning”  The only thing I was thinking was “She’s not from around here.”  I ordered my somewhat perfect Mocha and since it was Caribou I had the option of choosing Dark, Milk or White Chocolate; I chose Dark without a doubt!  I pulled ahead to the window to pay for my cup of coffee and noticed that there were only two cars behind me.  I told the girl that asked me if I was having a “Glorious Morning” that I would like to pay for the coffee for the two cars behind me.  Her response to me was “You are having beyond a glorious morning, you are spreading the spirit of the holidays.”

My perception of people during the holidays must be far different than hers because I see kids telling their parents “I want! I want! I want!” and then throwing a fit when they don’t get what they asked for.  I see people fighting over the last parking spot and trying to steel my parking spot even as I am pulling into it.  I generally see the overall mood of “BAH HUMBUG” everywhere I go, but I didn’t want to ruin her perkiness so I told her I was just trying to make someone else smile today.


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