Random Act of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness…..

Since I am in a “holding pattern” while the agency finds another set of Intended Parents to use my “oven”, I thought I’d post a few other things that were going on just to let you know that I’m still here and still the same as ever.  My friend challenged me the other day to a month of Random Acts of Kindness.  She and I both know that we pretty much do these things on a daily basis but now we are holding each other accountable for the month of December.  The rules we have given to each other are that it needs to be less than $10 each day and it truly needs to be “random”.

I was at work this morning pondering what my R.A.K. could be for today when I thought back to a story that made me smile.  When I lived in New Jersey I was so frustrated by the parking and parking meters because no matter how much time I “thought” was left on the meter, it never was.  I swear this was the only “Jersey Time” that was ever “on time”.  Anyone that has ever been to Jersey or dealt with anyone else from Jersey knows when a true Jersey-ite says “I’ll be ready in five minutes”, that you will actually be waiting for at least 35 minutes.  Come on people get an accurate time piece!

Anyway, I would place the required change in my meter and walk back to the studio knowing full well I had a full two hours before I needed to rush out to the meter again.  I would set a timer on my desk to remind me when 1 hour and 45 minutes had passed so that I could make it back to the meter before getting yet another parking ticket.  Since I still had North Dakota plates on my car, the meter maids were quite fond of slapping the tickets on my car first!

After only 1 hour and 45 minutes I’d scurry back to my car to find “Expired” on my meter!  How could that be?  Every single time too.  Makes me wonder if someone in city hall had a secret camera affixed to all of the meters watching for the car with North Dakota plates just to reduce the time a bit…….

There was even a time when I was placing more money in my meter when I noticed someone else’s meter “expire” and I placed my extra change in their meter to help them avoid getting a ticket.  I was told that in the states of New Jersey and New York it is illegal and I could be fined for doing so…..what an odd law to have!

So today, I decided I was going to stop at the bank before my English class and pick up a roll of quarters to place in the meters on campus for any that had expired.  I walked through a few of the lots and was surprised to see how many had actually expired.  I knew that I needed to work fast when I saw that “campus security” truck driving around to hand out tickets.  I hope that I was able to spare someone that $25 ticket today by just placing a quarter into their expired meter.

I’m planning on posting all of my R.A.K. in hopes that it will inspire someone else out there to just open their heart a little this season and do something small for someone else.  Its truly a blessing to see the look on someone else’s face when you just do something nice for them that was totally unexpected.


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