The Seventh through Twelfth Days Of Christmas….

It has taken me far to long to complete the 12 days of Christmas.  Jayde and I have been keeping ourselves quite busy and there have been other “Christmas’s” that we’ve needed to celebrate.  I am still in the process of tearing down my Christmas tree (which we generally have done on Jan 1 EVERY year).  So now that I have the time to finish the post, I have lost the cable that attaches my Blackberry to my computer to upload the images.  Now if I could find my card reader, I could take the card out of my camera and just attach the card reader directly to the computer…..but that too I can’t seem to find.  I am guessing it is still packed in a box that I have in storage.

So on the Seventh day of Christmas, my Honey Bunny gave to me….A new navy blue GAP sweatshirt.  Any of you that have seen me will have seen me in a GAP sweatshirt more often than not.  Jayde has even asked me if when I die she can have all of my GAP sweatshirts.  That is so morbid, but she has come to the conclusion that I will either live forever or I will be buried in at least one of them (her favorite one).  So she made the wise choice to get me yet another navy blue GAP sweatshirt in hopes that she can wear more of my clothes.

On the Eighth day of Christmas, my Honey Bunny gave to me….a bag of peanut M&M’s…..and I didn’t even share!

On the Ninth day of Christmas, my Honey Bunny gave to me….No Reservations on DVD.  I love, love love this movie.  It is sad in the beginning, but it has some wonderful restaurant scenes and fabulous food.  I have always said I’d love to be a chef in a restaurant or at least go to culinary school.  I love to cook and try new recipes.

On the Tenth day of Christmas, my Honey Bunny gave to me… a new wire whip.  Ok, I told Jayde that I needed new “kitchen” items and went as far as to tell her “exactly” which items I needed.  It’s all good though.  She still picked out very high quality items without any guidance.

On the Eleventh day of Christmas, my Honey Bunny gave to me….A Blue Dog Snuggie!  Yep you read that one right.  She got me a dog Snuggie when we don’t even have a dog!  There is a REALLY long story involved with the Snuggie story so I will give the condensed version of it.  I got a Snuggie for Christmas a “few” years ago from someone who claimed to “know me so well”.  Now any of you that have a Snuggie know that they are very cheaply made, and basically just a blanket with sleeves.  Ok what’s the point of a blanket with sleeves that if I used the sleeves, the blanket would end right below my knees and the sleeves cover only about 3/4 of my arms.  My feet NEED to be covered, and I can’t use most blankets due to the fabric they are made of (allergies).  So this “person” that “knows” me so well, got me the “deluxe” Snuggie.  It was supposed to be extra thick and made of a premium material.  Oh, it gets better, if you ordered one Snuggie of the premium quality material, you would get the second one free and the amazing book light.  So he ordered two snuggies, got two book lights…..all for the LOW LOW price of $75.00.  Yep, $75.00 for two blankets with sleeves that if you hold them up to any sort of light, you can see right through them!  RIP OFF!  So Jayde thought it would be really funny to remind me how much I really despise the Snuggie.

On the Twelfth day of Christmas….my Honey Bunny gave to me….a new spatula for the kitchen.  Again one of those things I pointed her towards.

All in all, Christmas with Jayde was extraordinary!  I can’t imagine ever spending a holiday without her.  I guess she will have a lot of explaining to do when she gets married and her hubby wants to spend a holiday with his family.  Sure hope his family doesn’t mind spending the holidays with me.  Oh who am I kidding, she is going to be 40 before I allow her to date and by then, I am sure I will be able to let go…..a little.


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