Happy Holidays To All….

Jayde and I send out a holiday card every year.  Sometimes I get them sent out in December; most often times they get in the mail in January, February and even March!  When we were living in Jersey, my studio was so busy during the holiday season that I barely had time to sleep, let alone design a holiday card and get it in the mail before the holidays.  This year, we did pretty good.  We had the card out to most people by a few days prior to Christmas.  I think that is a new record for me!  For those of you who didn’t get a card, please don’t be offended.  I needed to cut back a little this year and instead of the 400 I sent out last year, I only sent out about 50 this year.

Here is the front of our card this year.

I’ve heard all kinds of comments about how Jayde looks so much like me.  We are blessed that first of all, I look SO young (I get reminded of this all the time) and that she is just beautiful!

This is the inside of our card.  It was a 5×7 folded card, so the top part was above the fold, and the bottom was below the fold.  I love the printer I use every year; the cards were press printed on all sides and they were on this fantastic metallic paper so everything looked three dimensional.

The back of our card is always the place for our favorite website (which happens to be mine this year) and for something “according to Jayde”.  We have some pretty odd things on our cards over the years “according to Jayde”.  This year she decided that it was crucial to let people know that “Santa has the right idea, visit people once a year”.  This was said after MANY family gatherings.  We love family gatherings, but Christmas through the second week of January got to be a bit much this year.  Hopefully now we can spend some VERY QUIET weekends at home.

Maybe next Christmas I will be VERY pregnant for Zohra and Khelifa.  It would be even better if I was VERY pregnant and either they were in North Dakota with us or we were in France with them.  OK France would be WAY better than North Dakota in December.


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