On The Fourth Day Of Christmas…..

On The Fourth Day Of Christmas…..My Honey Bunny Gave To Me…..Fun Socks That Go To My Knees….

I love socks!  Long, short, crazy….pretty much anything but white.  I do however have one pair of white socks, you know to wear roller blading or ice skating.  I generally dress pretty plain, jeans and a sweatshirt would be my first choice.  Since I don’t have much style (or any as Jayde says), I like wild and crazy socks.  So then I can wear them to work and know that I’m wearing something a little crazy, but still hide them by wearing shoes/boots.  Although I have my shoes off more often than not under my desk.  Anyway, Jayde did good!  These are the great!  I still need to wear two pairs to work though.  Something about sitting at a desk all day and the fact that I am always cold.  I think someone needs to invent socks that can tell when your feet are cold and automatically heat up to keep your feet at an optimal work level.  Or maybe I just need to put a heater under my desk.  I did hear someone say that they put those little heat packs that I guess you are supposed to use when you go ice fishing or hunting in their shoes/boots while they are working.  I may need to look into that.  For those of you who haven’t gotten Jayde or I anything for Christmas and are wondering what we really “need”……a huge box of those heat packs!  I have no clue what they are called or even where to get them….but I need some.


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