On The Third Day of Christmas….

Hoop Earings From Macy'sOn the third day of Christmas……My Honey Bunny Gave To Me…..Hoop Earrings From Macy’s.

These earrings are so perfect!  They are just the right size, just the right color and just the right weight for hoop earrings.  I couldn’t have chosen more perfect earrings.  I still can’t believe that she was able to determine which ones I would think were perfect.  A friend of mine that was shopping with her made the suggestion to go to Clair’s to look at earrings.  Her reaction was….”Ummmm have you met my mommy?”  Needless to say he hadn’t been to Clair’s since he was in high school.  Not that yellow plastic earrings are all that bad, just really not something I would be caught dead wearing.  No offense to my friend though, but this time Jayde was the smart one!  You will see me wearing these earrings for many years to come…..assuming I don’t lose them.


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