On The Second Day Of Christmas…..

The second day of Christmas landed on a Monday….UGH! Mondays!  I generally don’t like Mondays because it means arguing with Jayde over who is getting in the bathroom first and the fact that I need to leave my nice warm bed.  Jayde made my Monday much better by listening when I said I REALLY like something.  I’m usually telling her all the edible items that I don’t care for so I was surprised when she listened to what I did like.

On The Second Day Of Christmas……My Honey Bunny Gave To Me…..Chocolates From Ghirardelli (ok so they are not really from Ghirardelli but you try to think of something that would go well to the 12 days of Christmas tune).  Jayde is so clever, she was the one that sang it to me first as “Chocolates From Ghirardelli”.  What would I do with out her, she can even make me laugh on a Monday morning when the temperature is below zero.  What a great kid she is.  I am so blessed to have her in my life!

By the end of the day, I had almost all 16 of these eaten too.  I never buy them for myself because, in my opinion, they are over priced.  My brother usually brings them for our Christmas Eve celebration and I tend to hoard them.  You can see me walking by the goodie table and stuffing them in my pockets so that no one else can eat them.  I think my family has caught on to my sneaky chocolate hiding, they  now turn their backs when ever I get close to the goodie table so that I don’t need to be so sneaky!


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