On The First Day Of Christmas…..

Those of you who know me well, know that I really dislike what Christmas has turned into.  Society thinks its acceptable to have piles and piles of gifts higher than the Christmas tree so that the kids have something better than the neighbor kids.  Well I refuse to follow society when it comes to going hundreds possibly thousands into debt just to make the pile of gifts larger.

Since Jayde’s second Christmas, she and I have done the 12 Days of Christmas.  This is our little tradition so that we spend the exact same amount each year and since prices are going up, we need to be much more creative each year.  We each have $10 a day to spend for 12 days.  A total of $120 dollars each year to get the gifts that each of us really want.  Now there are days that Jayde will get a bag of M&M’s so that I can spend more on something that she really wants, but most days are pretty close to that $10 mark (never going over the $120 total for the year).  I think I have the benefit over Jayde because I look for great sales for her all year-long to make sure she gets what she really wants in the end.

The Wedding Date DVDOn the first day of Christmas…….My Honey Bunny Gave To Me……The Wedding Date DVD (of course you need to sing it to the 12 days of Christmas tune).

I did point her in the right direction for those chick flicks that I can somehow watch over and over again.  The bonus is that she actually liked the movie as well.  Maybe it isn’t totally appropriate for a 12-year-old to watch, but she didn’t pick up on the whole “date a male escort” thing.  She did however state that she wishes she could have a job just like him.  She wanted to get paid to travel to different countries so that someone didn’t need to attend a wedding on their own.  I am grateful that she didn’t see the first 15 minutes of the movie.  I think if she had seen it, I’d have a whole lot more explaining to do.


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