From 79 to 249!

I had the beta (hCG) done again and the results came back as 249.  I assumed this was a great number, considering I was told that 79 was a high number.  Dr Virro himself sent me an email today telling me that he wants to see the number over 500 by the third test on Wednesday afternoon.  He told me that while 249 is still a “pregnant” number that it should have been closer to 300 by today.  So off to get another blood draw.

I did get an email and a phone call from Zorah and Khelifa today.  I had another really bad night for sleep and my blackberry is connected to my email address.  At 2:45 am (9:45 am their time) I got an email from Zorah and Khelifa.  I was able to respond quite quickly by using my blackberry (I even translated it to French).  Needless to say Zorah and Khelifa were so excited.  They said thank you more times than I usually hear in a month.  It is so nice to be working with such appreciative people.

Keep thinking high numbers for the next blood draw.


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