The Egg Is Holding On…..I’m Pregnant!

So I went in for the Beta test today (even though it is two days early) and I just got the results back.  I heard those wonderful words…..Congratulations you’re (actually Zorah and Khelifa) pregnant!  Your hCG number is 79.  I was told that anything over 5 was good.  Holy cow….if 5 is good does that mean that 79 is going to give Zorah and Khelifa a litter?  Jayde actually asked me since 5 meant you were pregnant, does that mean you are going to have a litter?  She comes up with the strangest things!

I just got done having dinner with Megan at Outback.  Megan was my wonderful first coordinator at IARC (and my French translator).  We laughed, laughed some more, hugged a ton and talked about how excited Zorah and Khelifa are going to be when they find out.

I thought that sending them an email or calling them is so impersonal.  I think I am going to have an engraved Tiffany’s rattle sent to them as a way to inform them of this wonderful surprise.  Any other suggestions on how to tell someone they are pregnant?


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