Happy Birthday….To ME!!!

I turned 33 today, and let me tell you it isn’t very different than 23.  I wonder when the age will come that I feel “old”, “mature” and what ever you are supposed to feel when you get older?  I am happy that I don’t feel older.

It was back to work for me today, although I wish I would have had one extra day off.  I forgot how tiring it is to fly.  I got home yesterday and had a hard time staying awake long enough to drive to get Jayde from my parents.  She was excited to see me.  We went to the garden, got some more cucumbers, came home and both went to bed early.  Both of us had a hard time getting out of bed this morning.

No news on the baby front yet….I won’t know for about another week if the implant worked or not.  I am crossing fingers, toes, legs….basically anything that can be crossed for the really high hCG number.  If you can think of any other good luck methods, please let me know.  I can use all the luck you can offer right now.

Khelifa, Zorah and Jayde at Niagara Falls
Khelifa, Zorah and Jayde at Niagara Falls

This photo was from when I met up with Zorah and Khelifa in Toronto for the first implant.  Jayde was still 11 in this picture (crazy how tall she is).  I am just shy of 5’11”, and she is catching up with me.  The bonus is that she has my freakishly long legs.  Jayde and I have had the discussion about how wonderful it is to have long legs, followed by the discussion that she CAN NOT date until she is at least 40.  I am sure all you parents of little girls out there can relate!


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