Egg Is Hatched….Hopefully It Will Grab On To Something!

I just returned from visiting Dr. Virro.  I have heard that he is never on time.  This has not been the case for me…twice!  When I got to his office today, I was told he was in the OR and that he “may” be late.  I was then told to drink my water “very slowly” because I would need to keep a full bladder until he could get out of the OR.  I didn’t think this was a very good sign.

As 11:00 was quickly approaching, I was crossing my legs and trying to find a comfortable way to sit when you feel like your bladder is going to burst.  I thought if I could pre-occupy my self, I’d be good.  Well the more I tried to not think about needing to use the bathroom, the more I had to go.  As I looked at the clock thinking it must be 11:00 by now, I was surprised that it was only 10:25…UGH!!!

What felt like at least an hour later, was actually only 10 minutes.  I didn’t think I was going to make it to 11:00, let alone “later” if Dr Virro was stuck in the OR.

Lucky for me, I have had the best luck with Dr Virro being on time.  He showed up and called me into his office at 10:55. We went over the final paperwork, walked into the implant room and three minutes later I was implanted!  Now being 11:05, I needed to lay still until at least 11:20, but preferably 11:25.  I tried to read a bit, in hopes I could forget that now I really REALLY needed to use the bathroom.  I watched the clock as minutes went by slower than I ever imagined possible.  I squirmed and sighed and crossed my legs in hopes I could make it until 11:20.  I wanted to be able to make it until 11:25.  At 11:23 I just couldn’t make it any longer so I rushed to put my pants back on, hastily slipped on my shoes and made a bee line for the bathroom.  Good thing the bathroom is the room located right next to the implant room and there wasn’t anyone occupying it.

Ahhhh, Relief!

I took a cab back to the hotel where I have diligently laid in bed doing nothing.  I have been told to do nothing today and tomorrow, then back to normal on  Wednesday.  Well almost normal…I don’t think I will be hitting the gym any time soon, or taking up a new sport.

The pregnancy test is on September 14th.  Keep your fingers crossed for very VERY high hCG numbers!


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