Implant Day Is Tomorrow….

I am laying in bed reading everything possible on success rates for a frozen 5 day blastocyst.  The numbers aren’s as high as a fresh transfer, but they are still pretty good.  My head is so full of statistics…UGH!

I needed a break from all the numbers, and reading that more times than not it doesn’t work.  There is ONLY one egg left to use…..so it has to work.  I was thinking about how I felt prior to being implanted the first time, and physically I feel the same.  Mentally I am more prepared this time.  I am being more realistic about it.  Even though I knew it wasn’t a guarantee the first time….I still had thought it was going to work.

I think I may have the answer for why it didn’t work the first time.  How many of you have seen the Friend’s episode when Phoebe gets implanted?  Right before the implant, she is left alone in the room with the petri dish of embryos (Ya like that would almost happen), and she took the time to tell the embryos to “hold on once they got in there”.  Maybe tomorrow morning I should ask Dr. Virro to leave me alone in the room with the lone embryo and have a “conversation” with it?  I doubt he would go for it….but it’s worth a shot!

To see this particular episode of Friends….CLICK HERE


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