The Final Dr’s Appointment….

I had my final Dr’s appointment today.  I needed an ultrasound done to ensure my uterine lining is thick enough for thescan0001 transfer.  The good news is that I am plenty thick enough (ok maybe too much information).  I guess that is what the Lupron is for.

IARC has informed Zorah and Khelifa that everything looks good, and that I will be leaving on schedule for the implant on the 31st.  It will be a bit odd to be there on my own this time around.  It will give me some time to finally answer emails and to collect my thoughts.  I am a bit worried that the implant won’t work, since it didn’t work the first time.  But I still am optimistic!  It is going to work!  It has to work!

The implant time will be at 10am on Monday.  The entire procedure will take about 3 minutes.  After the implant is done, I need to lay on the table for about 30 minutes.  Then it is off to the hotel room to lay in bed for the remainder of the day.  I am so glad that Laptop’s travel so nicely.  I have also started to read the book Julie and Julia which I hope to finish while in Toronto.

I fly back home early in the day (noon) on Tuesday.  I will be home by dinner time (I sure hope).  The day after I return is my birthday!  Yipee!  I will be 33 this year.  According to Jayde that is REALLY old.  I don’t think that 33 is much different that 23, I say you are only as old as you want to be.


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