I’ve Got A Date…..

Oh! Canada
Oh! Canada

I just received my travel docs in the mail today.  I will be heading to Toronto to be implanted on August 30th.  I am so excited!  This trip will be made on my own.  I am a bit sad that Zorah and Khelifa won’t be able to make it to Toronto this time.  We will have to figure out some time to get together again soon.

Jayde will be staying with my parents while I am gone.  She isn’t too happy about that, she really wants to go to Toronto again.  I will only be gone for a few days this time, so I didn’t think she would have as much fun.  I get implanted with the one last egg on August 31.

I was told not to worry about only having one egg left, because it only takes one egg to have a successful pregnancy.  I finished the Lupron injections with no issues increased the Estrace and started the Progesterone.  All three of the meds give me head aches, but in the end a little pain is nothing compared to the happiness I will be bringing to Zorah and Khelifa.

When we were in Toronto in May, they told me that it didn’t matter to them if I had one child for them or multiples, they just wanted a baby.  They don’t care if it is a boy or a girl.  Just a baby.  I wish I could have multiple children for them.  They are the most loving people I think I have ever met.  I don’t use the word “deserve” often, but they deserve to have a child.

I am getting ready to pack my bags for the trip, and am still trying to figure out what to take with me.  Since I am going myself, maybe I should plan on staying in my sweats for the time I am there.  No one can tell me to get dressed in something other than my jammies :).  Jayde would call me a hypocrite if she saw me writing this.  I tell her all the time that it is not acceptable to wear sweats in public.  Especially the sweats that either look like jammie pants or that have writing on the butt.  Who in their right mind wants to wear writing on their butt?

I need to stay in bed the entire day after I am implanted, so I hope to update the blog more and to get caught up on my emails.  Stay tuned……


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