Almost 12 Years….

I am planning the end stages of Jayde’s Birthday Party tonight….I can’t believe that in just a few short days she will be 12!  Where did the time go?  Throughout the week I plan on posting different pictures of Jayde throughout the year as a tribute to the amazing daughter she has been and the phenomenal young woman she is growing up to be.  Everyday she takes my breath away.  I look at her and find myself wondering how I did such an amazing job with her all on my own.

Jayde was born on a Saturday in 1997, August 9th at 11:25 am.  I went into labor at 11 am and it was done in 25 minutes.  I had no clue what to expect, I was too afraid to go to Lamaze classes or to ask any questions while I was pregnant, so I went into labor completely blind.  While I don’t recommend this for everyone, it worked for me.  If you don’t know what is going to happen, there is no time to worry about it.  Labor went off without a hitch and at 11:25 I was told I had a girl.  During my pregnancy I had multiple ultrasounds and each time I was told that she was going to be a boy.  I argued this over and over again with the Dr.  I knew I was having a girl, I felt it.

When Jayde was 26 hours old, she was on the news.  Jayde was one of the very first “Blizzard Babies”.  In 1997 there was a “Large” amount of babies being  born 40 weeks after the many blizzards we had in 1996.  What else is there to do in ND when there is a blizzard?  Jayde was the only baby on the news that was pictured twice.  When I asked why, the news crew told me that she was the only CUTE baby.  I must agree, she was by far the cutest baby I had ever seen.

I received an email from IARC today, telling me that the countdown is about to begin for me again.  In just about 14 days I will begin the Lupron injections with the hopes that my next implant will hold on.  I am hoping that my uterine thickness will surpass my last numbers, even though my last numbers were plenty thick enough.  Zorah and Khelifa have ONE egg left, just one.  It needs to work this time.  It is going to work this time.


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