Medical Testing…..

I finished another round of medical testing today. I am definitely blessed to have such a wonderful Dr. I haven’t been seeing her for very long, but when my first choice decided to retire, I went to another Dr. that was in the same medical practice. Dr. Malberg told me today that her prayers had been answered to have such a great day with patients. I was her last patient of the day and she took a little extra time to really ask me why I was doing what I was doing. I explained to her that once I had Jayde, I knew that she was perfect and that deep down I felt that everyone should be able to have the perfection that I had in Jayde. If I could have a child for everyone that was unable to have one, I would. Since I know that this isn’t a possibility, I figured I would start small, and become a surrogate for one. I was matched with Zorah and Khelifa through an agency in Minneapolis. I have told the agency along with Zorah and Khelifa that if I had chosen them myself, I couldn’t have done a better job. I commend the agency on choosing such a perfect couple for me.

I know that being a surrogate isn’t for everyone, but it is a perfect fit for me.

The medical testing appointment started out with blood work. I was told by the technician that I was the hardest stick in the world. Lucky for me, the technician has had practice on me before and I only got stuck twice for 5 vials of blood. This was a first for me. The last time I had blood drawn I was stuck 8 times before it worked. This made the appointment great for me. Since it is a law in Canada, I am required to get medical testing done every 6 months. This testing includes blood work and an internal exam to check for various diseases. It is not the most pleasant test, pretty much the same as a PAP. In the end if the results are being able to have a child for someone that really wants one, it is all worth it.

After the results of the test come back, I will be able to start the Lupron again. 14 days after my first injection, I will have an internal ultra sound to check the thickness of my uterine wall. If the thickness is high enough, I will be off to Canada to get implanted with the one remaining embryo. I have said before, that I am a little worried that there is only one embryo left. The response to that has been, it only takes one to create a baby. I am hoping that the next implant will be successful. Everyone deserves to have a child if they want one.


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